Hi, I'm Jorge

Allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Jorge, a designer, manager, curator and teacher ardent about connecting creatives in making more out of what’s around us. I spend most of my time as STRP’s managing director, one of the largest arts and technology festivals of Europe. During the week, you can also find me teaching at Fontys Future Media Labs and operating the Designhuis.

As a master graduate of Communication Design at University of Lisbon, and having completed my post-master in Multimedia Communication Systems University College of West Flanders, I pride myself in my storytelling ability across various media platforms. A skill that is reflected in my 2Times Ann project… My ongoing Ph.D work in Experience Design in Interactive Environments at the Eindhoven University of Technology has led to several publications and extended my design perspective beyond that of the studio.


At STRP, I combine my business and curative skills in setting up a biennial Art and Technology festival – the biggest of its kind in Europe. What I love about STRP is that the work there brings people of different interests together, generating new insights, with the ultimate goal of connecting design to the festival visitors. Recently I introduced a new business model to decrease the dependence on subsidies common amongst cultural organisations, you can read all about it here.

“By bringing people of different interests together, new insights arise, and in this way I want to connect design with the inhabitants of the city.”

"Excellent social networking and design skills. An enthusiastic and professional designer and coach of very high level, who has eye for quality and has the extraordinary skill of inspiring students and fellow colleagues to go for the best."

Caroline HummelsProfessor Design & Theory for Transformative Qualities, Eindhoven University of Technology

"I chaired an international conference about design & technology in the Netherlands, where Jorge was invited as a speaker. It was a refreshing experience. Humble, professional, charming and a big smile. Future-proof!"

Marcel BullingaFuturist & Trend-Watcher

"Jorge fluently connects research knowledge, business experience and creative solutions. He helped us see the potential of new markets, how could they be addressed in the future, and helping us become a future-prepared works' council."

Michael van de VenFormer Branch Manager, Adecco Netherlands

"An original thinker that has consistently demonstrated his skills at working hard and efficiently under tight pressure. Jorge has both width and depth of knowledge, and will not hesitate to undergo investigation of topics of relevance."

Ben SalemSenior Lecturer, School of Design of the Newcastle University

"An excellent lecturer and researcher with in-depth knowledge on a variety of design fields. Ambitious and very committed to his work, his students and his colleagues. Jorge is a tremendous strategic and leading asset in any company."

Monique SegersFormer Chairman of the University Council, Eindhoven University of Technology

"Very adaptable, Jorge managed to integrate fast, enthusiastically and pro-actively in a complex and political Dutch university environment. An excellent connector: connecting people by respecting their individuality and expertise."

Sabine van GentDirector Communications, Avans Hogeschool

"A strong communicator with a very positive and constructive attitude. A sociable and warm team player, and a creative thinker with a good aesthetic sense and insight. An intelligent and diplomatic person who is truly inspirational."

Lucas AsselbergsDirector Studium Generale TU/e